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Barbie Koch

Arlene Miller

Ashley Davis

Candice Kambeitz

Jody Brittner

(not pictured)

Kathleen Lee

(not pictured)

Fire Chief - Gene Perreault

Deputy Chief - Kim Hellman

Asst. Chief - Bill Brown

Captain - Brad Fleck

Allan Beierbach

Brandon Brilz

Chad Brittner

Glen Brown

Nathan Davis

Shaun Hellman

Wade Welte

In 2019 we raised enough money from the surrounding RM's to purchase a brand new Stryker Power cot.  We are now more able to accommodate bariatric patients and transfer patients with more ease & comfort. Thank you to everyone who donated!

October 2017 Wildfire Fundraiser Update


On November 23, 2017, an Appreciation Night Fundraiser was held at the Richmound Community Hall in appreciation to all those who volunteered for the October wildfires and to raise proceeds to go towards the Richmound Community and Emergency Services.


The total is in...$29,655.95 was raised! Thank you to everyone!

The fire fund money raised was used to purchase a generator for the RM Office, RM Shop and EMS Building. The remaining funds were used to purchase a subsequent generator for the water treatment plant and to cover installation costs.

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