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Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up Schedule 2022

Blue Bins

What can be recycled & what cannot.


soap containers, Spot remover bottles, Bleach containers


Shampoo bottles, Body wash bottles, Conditioner bottles, Plastic hair spray bottles, Plastic shaving containers, Toilet paper cores, Tissue boxes
Plastic Pill bottles


Milk jugs & Milk cartons, Creamer cartons & bottles, Paper egg cartons, Soup, Vegetable, and any other food cans, Aluminum and tin cans, Pie tins, Plastic Juice bottles, Juice cans, Yogurt containers, Salad dressing containers, Cereal boxes, Pizza boxes - unsoiled


Office paper, Catalogs, Phone books, Sticky notes, Scrap paper, Cardboard boxes flattened, Paper bags


Items not accepted
Plastic Wrap, Plastic bags, no food containers labelled #1, Glass, Styrofoam, Ceramics, Light bulbs, Soiled cardboard, Hazardous chemical containers, Scrap metal, Car parts, Plastic toys, Wood or household garbage

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Recycling Letter 2019-2.jpg
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