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Richmound Museum

The museum is located at the Town Office/RM #142 Enterprise Building.


The museum can be viewed by appointment or during special events throughout the year.

Phone: 306.669.4415



Many memorabilia and the town's rich history is on display here.

Chinook Corner Library


The Chinook Corner Library is located in the RM/Town Office Building. We are a branch of the Chinook Library system with the central branch located in Swift Current.

At the Richmound Corner Library we have many titles available from Kid's to Youth to Adult Fiction. Come in and browse...if you cannot find what you are looking for we will do our best to order it in for you.


We are open Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. Please drop in and have a look around.

Overview of Chinook Regional Library

The Chinook Regional Library has provided public library service to Southwest Saskatchewan since 1971 through its network of 32 Branch libraries and 14 Corner libraries. The library covers an area of 49,949 sq. km. (19,286 sq. miles) and serves a population of 46,184.

We are dedicated to providing inclusive and welcoming services that strengthen and sustain lifelong learning in our communities.

The Regional Library obtains its revenue through an annual provincial government grant and annual contributions from the 93 participating municipalities. With these funds, we maintain an administrative headquarters and provide books and programs to residents of all ages throughout the Southwest. The regional headquarters is centrally located in Swift Current.

We are governed by a board composed of appointed representatives from each participating municipality. Annually, an executive is elected from the board to carry out the day-to-day business of the board and the operation of the regional library.

The Chinook Regional Library is part of the provincial public library network, which consists of eight regional systems and two municipal systems, in Regina and Saskatoon.

Please visit your nearest public library ... we are at your service. 

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