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Be on the lookout for deer and antelope as you drive the 21 kilometers of Highway 371 from Fox Valley to Richmound. Though small, Richmound has a lot to offer.


Throughout the summer, flower gardens are beautiful as residents take part in Communities in Bloom. You will find unique wall murals downtown on "Bob's Garage" and on the front of the old school. There is a museum and archives room located in the Rural Municipality office. This museum is available by appointment and on special occasions. The library is also located in this building.


The senior men play baseball weekly from May to July. May long weekend when people gather from many communities to play slo-pitch. There is a modern playground located on the school grounds.


Richmound has a very active Lion's Club which meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, except in July and August. St Mary's Church holds services on the weekends.


In the center of town you will find the hotel which has a restaurant and bar. Across the street is a confectionary/convenience store attached to the post office. Next to that you will find the notice board which announces the local activities. There is fuel station available on the east end of town.


Camping and boating enthusiasts will enjoy McLaren Lake Regional Park which is located less than a half hour southwest of Richmound. Richmound is also located near the Great Sand Hills. Well worth a visit.

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